Dexter Season 3

America's favorite serial killer is back for a third season. Die hard Dexter fans have probably already finished watching all the episodes. Thanks to the necessity that is Tivo, I just finished.

When Dexter premiered a few years ago, the premise of a serial killer working as a forensics specialist in Miami sounded like CSI on Heroin. I really had no interest.
After receiving minor death threats from friends to watch the show, I decided to give it a try.
To this day, I think that the 1st season of Dexter was one of the best TV experiences in a while, only topped by The Wire on HBO. In fact, I think Dexter did itself a dis-service by setting the bar so high in season one. I wondered how they could match/top the 1st season.

Season 2 was good. Not fantastic, but good. The whole plot line of "Dexter as a suspect" is not my favorite, but his character gained experience with relationships that helped progress to the current season. In addition, one of my favorite characters of the show is killed.

As a general rule, anyone that becomes close with Dexter will have their life put in danger, regardless of how hard he tries to keep them safe.


Season 3 started out on the wrong foot for me. First of all, they introduced a new major character for the season in Jimmy Smits. I am not a Jimmy Smits fan, and have been accused of being a Jimmy Smits hater. I never got into LA Law, and he wasn't my favorite detective in the NYPD blue rotation. I almost forgot his forgettable performance in the Star Wars series....yuck.

In addition, Dexter seemed to take a path that he had never been down; one of killing in the "heat of the moment" instead of following the code.
Dexter's methodical approach to murder, and the thoughts he presents with it are very enjoyable in the show. The fact that he killed on a whim was not my favorite.

As the season progressed, my feelings changed dramatically.
Jimmy Smits became one of the best characters in the season. The places that they take his character are fantastic, and he plays the role so well. The progression of his character and acts while semi-predictable, are filled with tension and suspense.

One of my favorite elements in this series is the relationship that is portrayed between Dexter and his father. The flashbacks to Dexter's childhood in season 1 were riveting.
This season takes a different approach as Harry is with Dexter in spirit only as a subconscious manifestation of Dexter's mind. The dialogue is interesting, and gives insight why Dexter takes some of the actions he does.

The season really peaks in episodes 9-11, but still has a good finale.

From the beginning of the series, the audience wonders where Dexter will ultimately end up. Dead? A changed man? Continuing in murder?
I believe this is one of the big draws of the series. Can this man who has no emotions, learn to actually FEEL the emotions that he is constantly faking for others, or will he let his dark passenger take over?

As a warning, this is a Showtime original series, so language and violence are prevalent.

Dexter season 3 garners a killer 4-star rating. Awesome.


Kenny D said...

I agree that the season started off slow with what seemed to be Dexter almost getting caught again. Fortunately it surprised me with how great it got. Still not season one but real good. I can't wait for next season.
I just hope people don't think this is affiliated with Dexter's Laboratory. They'd be in for a shock.

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