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Christmas is nearly here. Have you spent your hard-earned cash yet? The Wii was the impossible to purchase "tickle-me-elmo" last year and looks to be difficult to find this year also. I will let you know if a Wii is worth the effort and probable tramplings that happen in the WalMart aisles.

The Wii is a console strictly meant for games, unlike the P.S.(I love you)3 and Xbox360 which are designed as all-around entertainment consoles. It cannot play DVD's or beta, which is disappointing. Essentially this system was designed primarily for fun and children. For kids, this is the perfect choice for a console. All of the games are bright and emphasize friendly play with others.

I want to direct this review at adults who are thinking about buying a Wii.

Adults who play games regularly and like a challenge should not get a Wii. I am a hermit who shaves every other day to keep up appearances. I like single player games with expansive storylines. I'm not the D & D freak whose lips are a permanent shade of cheeto orange, but I do enjoy games made for people older than 12. Forget first person shooters on the Wii. There are a few, but the Wii-mote isn't the magic stick it was made out to be. (Magic stick? Wii? Two terms that should not go together.)

The Wii system allows you to make your own community of your friends through making "Mii's." This is one of the best features and makes for hours of fun. It's sad, but I've spent more time making characters than actually playing games. Though now, Xbox has caught on to the craze with their own form of Miis. Also PS3 has introduced PSHome which is sorta like second life with nerdy avatars. Wii Sports is the game that comes with the Wii. It is a lot of fun. Especially if you have friends who want to play four-player tennis. The bowling is also a highlight on the disc. You use the Miis when playing which makes the whole experience adorable. Yeah, basically I would say everything about the Wii (the way it is designed, the graphics, the sound effects) is cute. And cute is not always a good thing.

When the Wii came out it promised pioneering game experiences with the new Wiimote and Nunchuk. Though the only games that really use the motion functions are those developed by Nintendo and not 3rd party developers. The controllers are not the most sensitive in the first place. Though using the wheel in Mario Kart is fun and challenging.

The Wii's system uses wireless for game trailers, quizzes, trading Miis, but the best part about the internet service is the ability to purchase old games. The library for Wii's virtual console is stacked with Genesis, SNES, N64, Neo-Geo, NES, and the list goes on. If you have extra money to throw around, and who doesn't these days, it's worth buying Zelda 2 or Mega Man 3 and not have to blow into the cartridge and system, while tapping the reset button repeatedly to get the game to work for three solid minutes. Though extremists who want all these games most likely have their Wiis modded with entire libraries of side-scrolling action.

Honestly, I could go all day comparing Wii to Xbox to PS3 but I am gonna maintain some sense of dignity and stop myself. The Wii is a great system for kids, my nephews love the heck out of Super Smash Bros. I don't really get it. Though when I was young and impressionable I loved Nintendo. My diary would be filled with "Major Undeclared heart's Princess Peach!" and "Samus & MU 4Ever!" I have grown up(but not grown out of video games) and so has my taste. For adults I would hold out for the other two systems. Even though Wii has Rock Band, still get it for the other two consoles.

Is it wrong I named my Wii system "Wii-NES?"

The Wii gets three Japanese stars of Fury. And is rated E, for Everyone.


Perky said...

I miss playing the Wii, which got sold off by my bf coz he wants to buy a PS3.

I'm not much of a gamer myself but I love that the Wii doesn't require me to remember button combo. My fav game on the Wii was Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles.

Dragonblogger said...

I do love a wii, but I do love hard core games, I miss the Final Fantasy and deeply involved role playing games lacking on the Wii. That being said I do have a 5 year old and Wii is better than PS3 and Xbox 360 for multiplayer family friendly games.

Metroid Prime Corruption was great on the Wii though and I had as much fun playing it as I did with Half-life. No More Heroes is supposed to be a great adult Wii title in the lines of Grand Theft Auto. So there are some titles for Wii that will grab you.

I also love Wii fit, and my workout routine includes it. So I use my PC for most gaming (Fallout 3) and my Wii for casual family gaming for the most part. It has a place for any families, but maybe not for single adults who aren't into the fun family type games.

Kenny D said...

Perky, i'm gonna give res evil a try. who knows, it might even raise the wii a star. I have a feeling you are a button masher when it comes to fighting games. the button mashers always win.

Dragon, I too love the final fantasy. If there was a flagship such as that or metal gear i would be settled on a wii. I've heard metroid is fun. No more Heroes is pretty sweet. My current workout routine consists of dance dance revolution so i should move on to wiifit.

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