Torchwood: Season 2 Review

I have fond memories of Saturday nights during my childhood. After my weekly bath I would sit and watch TV. Saturday night's programs were awful. I flipped through the channels: Empty Nest, Golden Girls, Red Dwarf, and some low budget show called Dr. Who.
The only fantasy I had been exposed to at that age was the Neverending Story and Time Bandits. I was eager to give Dr. Who a shot (especially with such a great theme song). For those of you who don't remember the doctor, just picture a British guy in his late fifties with an afro. He actually resembles a golden girl to be honest. He travels through time doing who knows what in a telephone booth (Think of it as Bill & Ted's prattling escapade).
Now why am I rambling about Dr. Who? Well apparently the brit's just don't know when to stop and have been running the show since the 60's. They have also gone through at least a dozen actors to fill the doctor's shoes. The latest (see also: current) incarnation of the show has been gaining popularity in the queen's country. Which is where “Torchwood” comes in. Torchwood is a spin off of a popular character from the newest Dr. Who.
Torchwood is a mix of Angel and the X-Files. Sort of a CSI: ET. The actors are great in their roles, the dialogue is witty, if not a little British. The action rivals that of 24 and is able to be sincerely dramatic even though it deals with strange subject matter. The special effects leave a little to be desired. Apparently the BBC only has the budget of our early 90's shows. But once you get into the characters and story arcs, you get past that.
Apparently Torchwood is England's highest rated show. Bunch of sci-fi geeks over on that side of the pond. Maybe I should move.
The main character is Captain Jack Harkness, (an actor who could be the love child of Tom Cruise and Dax Shepard) an American who leads a small team of British alien investigators who fight alien threats to the world and try to keep otherworldly knowledge under wraps. (Wow, I sound like a real nerd). The show is not for everyone though, it gets a little too cutting-edge for its own good. More than half of the main characters dabble in a little same-sex lust (sorry perverts, guys too).
Being a BBC series, each season only lasts around 12 episodes. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it doesn't stretch out plots like crazy (you listening Lost?). Season 2 picks up a few months after the first season's end. The team is beginning to find out secrets about each other and are questioning who Jack Harkness really is and where he came from. James Marsters (Spike) appears in a few memorable episodes.
I recommend this show for those of us who love smart television (not family guy) and continuing story arcs. Start with season 1 of course but I give season 2 four star systems.


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