The Soup on E! TV Show Review

E! E! E! This one letter is the source of so much crappy television.

E! (Entertainment TV) is the TV equivalent of McDonalds. Nobody admits to wanting a Big Mac or Chicken Mcnuggets every day for lunch, but they sell millions none the less.
E! puts out some really bad shows...and nobody will admit to watching them--but Kim Kardashian gained her popularity somewhere.

"The girls next door."
"Pam: Girl on the loose."
"Keeping up with the Kardashians."
"Snoop Dogg's Father-hood."

Don't try to deny that you have these shows secretly hiding in the archives of your Tivo.

I would probably tune in more often if they mixed up the casts between shows. Put Kim "land a airplane on my booty" Kardashian in Dr. 90210 so she can kick that annoying Robert Rey's ass.
Let Pam move back into the Playboy mansion with Hef and become the new "girl next door."
Now that she's a PETA freak, she can always claim that she no longer desires meat if Hef tries to slide over to her side of the bed.

I suppose that if you throw enough crap onto the wall, some will stick. But this doesn't explain the genius and hilarity that is "The Soup." Perhaps a handful of crap that is compressed over many years becomes a diamond.

"The Soup" is a video clip show on E! where the host (Joel McHale) reviews all the best (and worst) in TV over the past week, and then offers little quips and retorts relating to the clip. This show works for many reasons:

The clips are genuinely amazing.
And by amazing, I actually mean ridiculous. You'll see Tyra like you've never dreamed. You'll get a review of all the reality shows highlights from the past week. You think you know everything there is to know about Miley Cyrus (It's Miley!!)?? I doubt it. You'll need to watch to appreciate the true depravity of the human race.

The jokes given by McHale are funny.
I remember years of watching funny clips on America's funniest home videos, and then having Bob Saget just BUTCHER the joke relating to the clip. It was horrible. McHale's writers are great, and his delivery is even better.

The "extras" are great.
Many recurring characters are brought onto the show, and even more "celebrity" guests appear. It reminds me of the early days of "Conan O'Brein" where he'd have many "extra" characters on his show.

There are only 2 negatives to the show. It's on E!, and it's only 21 minutes without commercials.

And you can't miss any clip involving Tyra Banks. I can't stress enough how insane this woman is.

Airs Friday's on E! at 10PM EST.

The Soup gets my very first Review-Spew 5-STAR RATING!!


Donnie said...

I remember watching it when Greg Kinear was on it. I'd sit there the entire time thinking, "why do I watch this boring crap?" Then I'd laugh about something he just said and keep watching...

robkroese said...

That dude's got nothing on John Henson. Greg Kinnear was pretty good, but John Henson was the best.

Matt said...

Kinnear annoyed me big-time. Henson was good....but McHale is very funny....give him 5 episodes, and you'll be hooked.

Da Old Man said...

The Soup is one if the few shows I try to never miss. McHale's timing is perfect, and he is funny as any host ever. Mankini and Spaghetti Cat are two of the best recurring characters ever. And Miley "It's still a felony" Cyrus kills.

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