Axe Shower gel hook-up Review

Please note that this review has been updated at this link: New Axe hook-up review.
As you can see, we're like freaking Consumer Reports with our reviews and follow-ups. As you'll also see in the link, the axe hook-up did not stand the test of time....hook it up at your own risk.
I vowed never to purchase an Axe product based completely on their commercials. Every 30 second spot has some goofy looking guy getting mauled by partially dressed females. One 30-second ad has more skin than an entire episode of Desperate Housewives.

Although I am not opposed to the blatant display of skin, I don't quite fit their target audience. As a strapping 30-something married man, I am what you would call a "tweaner." When choosing a shower gel, I am too old to wear Axe, but too young to don Old Spice.

Demographics be damned, I decided to purchase Axe shower gel. Perhaps the wife and I will be in the middle of watching "The Office," and that Axe scent will waft her way. The nasal sensors will push the scent to her brain, and her animalistic side will take over...ripping my shirt off in the process. A man can only dream.

I digress. This review is not about Axe shower gel. I am looking specifically at a product that is included with Axe shower gel for free. It is a suction cup laced rubber "thingy" that sticks to the wall, and keeps your Axe gel off the shower floor.

I saw this in the store, and the impulse buy was sealed. What a great, convenient way to make more storage in the shower.
Let's face it, there can't be too much storage space in the shower. Shampoo, conditioner, loofahs, scrubby brushes, rags, soap, shower gel, razors, shaving cream, tv, PEZ dispenser, KY jelly, etc. No mortal shower can house all this. What to do?

The Hook-up-ee
The Hook-up

You could always buy those hanging shower tools that loop over the door, or on the shower head. Those are always nice when you want your shower to resemble your Grandma's. Why not add dozens of little soaps collected over years of motel visits??
You could put things on the floor of the shower. But then you run the risk of collateral damage when you decide to pee.

Axe terms this device the "Shower gel hook-up." Don't think that Axe will miss a chance to slip something sexual into every product.
Get the hook-up wet, and stick on shower wall. Get axe gel wet, and stick to hook-up. Beautiful!!

1st-week observations:
Try waking up in the middle of the night to a crash in your bathroom. You jump up to investigate only to find your shower gel on the floor. The suction cups have failed. This constant annoying randomly placed crash was too great an annoyance. I pulled the gel off, and placed it on a shelf.

Observations since then:
As I had used some gel, and the bottle wasn't completely full, I decided to try the hook-up again. Since this time, I haven't had any problems with randomly falling axe bottles.

All in all, the "engineers" at Axe need to re-evaluate their weight limit on the suction cups. Take away this, and the hook-up works great.

3 stars out of 5

I had never heard of the Axe Shower gel hook-up until a two pack showed up in my bathroom a few months ago. My wife must have seen the advertisements and thought she could use whatever pheromones they laced their body soap with to help her choke back the bile when I come at her twice a month. So I indulge her and lather up with the stuff daily. Kudos, we have jumped to 3 times a month, but back to the review at hand, the tentacle-like gasket that adheres to the bottle and supposedly to the shower wall.
Like I said, I got the two-pack so the majority of my initial time with the “hook-up” was spent squeezing the two gasket’s suction cups together and enjoying the popping sound as I pulled them apart. Don’t underestimate the therapeutic benefits of doing this. You know how you love popping bubble wrap, so don’t get all high and mighty with me. The fact that I was in the shower and naked while doing it is really a non-issue.
So, after 10 or so minutes of squish…..fffrrrrraaaappppp…squish…..frrrappp I actually tried to stick the bottle to the wall as directed. It held, for a few minutes anyhow. Nothing scares a wife more than the cacophonous sound that echoes from a bathroom when a 2lb bottle of whatever hits the floor at 6 o’clock in the morning.
That is something I don’t need. My “quiet time” interrupted with “What’s going on in there?” and “Are you Ok?” So in anticipation of the same thing happening in the middle of the night and the heart attack that would follow, I bailed on it and just put the body wash on rack with the other 32 half-filled bottles of various body tonics. I did keep the “hook-ups” though, for therapeutic reasons. By the way, the answer is no, the hook-up suction device will not enable a bottle of Axe to stick to your belly or ass, even if they are clean shaven.
This doesn’t work as designed, but is as fun as any squeeze ball stress reliever I’ve ever tried, so I give it 4 stars.


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